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Volume IV, Number 02 DOI: 03.2013
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  Welcome to Asiatic Journal of Biotechnology Resources


The Asiatic Journal of Biotechnology Resources® has been eminent in its field in case of spreading wealth of knowledge. The Biotechnology is understood to comprise the natural and the man-made, and their interactions; including such matters as simple tissue culture to complex process gene transfer and other allied aspects. This does not mean that a single focus or a narrow view is unwelcome; provided always that the evidence is indicated and the method is robust. Pragmatic innovation and applicable tools are subjects of interest, together with the problems in establishing facts about dynamic systems where long periods of observation and precise measurement may be difficult to secure.


2013 Volume 4
Number of issues per year: 04 (plus electronic supplements with abstracts)
Frequency: Quarterly
Print ISSN: 2249-2399; Online ISSN: 0976-4992
AJOBR is peer reviewed.
Print Subscription Format: 7 1/2” ± 10”; 300 line screen photographs; enamel, acid-free paper; includes access to online version.

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AJOBR is Indexed and Abstracted by Index Copernicus with high current IC Value: 5.09 for year 2011-12 and CABI Abstracts


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Global News: Authors can  communicate global or local  innovation with this news. News must not cross 200 words limit.

Research Highlights: Researchers from universities submit their work highlights in the form of stepwise conclusive results

Regular Articles: The full length research paper must describe and interpret the complete work. Research Papers should be a record of  significant, original research and should not normally exceed 6000 words in length. Experimental procedure should be given in details for reviewing the work.

Short Communications: A Short Communication is suitable for giving results of minor research projects, small investigation projects, developed techniques, innovative methods, etc.,

Mini Reviews: Authors should send a brief outline; the authors also send their interest to editor before the manuscript drafted with covering letter.

Any paper offered to the Asiatic Journal of Biotechnology Resources will be assessed by peer review process.


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